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Did the Penn State Fraternity Get Charged for Tim Piazza’s Death?

The death of Timothy Piazza in February left Penn State reeling and his family with many questions. During a fraternity initiation event for the school’s Beta Theta Pi chapter, pledges were made to drink large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time while completing a series of challenges. A short time into the night, Piazza showed signs of severe intoxication. He fell down a flight of stairs head first and suffered the first of a series of traumatic brain injuries that would eventually lead to his wrongful death. Despite his obvious injuries, the other men present did not call 911 for fear of consequences due to his intoxication. It took nearly 12 hours for the fraternity to call emergency services. Afterwards, fraternity brothers engaged in a cover-up, deleting communications relating to the alcohol present and Piazza’s final hours. One of the 10 fraternity members charged is a former…
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The Infamous Hot Coffee Lawsuit and Why It Was Not Frivolous

A Florida woman recently received $100,000 after hot coffee spilled on her lap at a Starbucks. This reminded us of that famous McDonald’s hot coffee incident, which many people still believe was a frivolous lawsuit. It was not – this video shows why  

Does My Insurance Cover Car Fires?

A Mt. Juliet family is still recovering from an incident two weeks ago that led to burn injuries for a Tennessee woman. The woman was driving five of her children for a day in Long Hunter State Park when the unthinkable happened. As she pulled into a parking spot, suddenly, all of the lights on her dashboard came to life before the van sputtered to a halt. Smoke began billowing from under the hood, and it was only when one of her young sons stepped out of the car to look at it from outside that he noticed the fire. The family fled the vehicle, which quickly erupted in flames that consumed the whole minivan. In a moment of panic, the mother attempted to stomp out a flame that had fallen to the ground near the truck. When she did, the heat melted her shoe and sock to her foot….
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