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Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe in the Snow

The steady dropping of the temperature should leave behind any doubt that winter is here. That means a chance of snow or, at the very least, ice on the roads. Whether you’re a hardy northerner who could drive down a snowy road with your eyes closed or a southern transplant who has never held a snowball in your hand, you should be prepared to brave the cold weather this winter. Here are some tips to help you prevent yourself from becoming involved in a snowy weather accident. Keeping your car well-maintained is important. The cold can make your car behave in strange ways, so staying on top of your maintenance is key. Replace your fluids regularly, make sure your antifreeze is topped off and always keep a full tank of gas. Keep a pair of jumper cables handy. You should always have a flashlight in your car, regardless of season….
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What Do I Do If I Am Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

Even if you are moving at relatively low speeds, motorcycle accidents can cause significant injuries to riders. Things like lacerations, friction burns, broken bones and potentially catastrophic injuries like spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury can occur at low speeds due to the relative lack of protection afforded by motorcycles. If you are struck by another vehicle when riding or another vehicle causes you to crash, you could have a negligence claim against the driver. Step-by-Step Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims First and foremost: SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION. In the rush following an accident, you might not realize just how hurt you actually are. Furthermore, motorcycle accidents can cause delayed onset injuries, such as brain injury, that are important to detect and treat as early as possible. Speak to witnesses and record their contact information. The more eyes you have on the accident, the more likely you are to be…
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Major Construction Accidents That Changed Safety Protocols

Workers in the construction industry are exposed to major hazards every day. And while many injuries that construction workers suffer are minor, it is easy for negligence to cause devastating accidents. This country is no stranger to major construction accidents, stretching all the way back to the Industrial Revolution. Here are some of the country’s worst construction accidents that resulted in new safety standards. In 1978, dozens of workers working on a nuclear cooling tower fell to their deaths after a scaffolding collapsed at a Willow Island, West Virginia construction site. The collapse was caused by a series of errors, shortcuts and accidents. These 51 deaths led to a reformation in the nuclear construction industry with a focus on worker safety. In 2008, a crane used in the construction of a New York City apartment building collapsed onto East 51st Street, crushing seven people. OSHA’s investigation into the accident found…
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