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Where Do Common Tourist Injuries Occur in Tennessee?

If you are a Tennessee native, you probably have encountered a few tourists around your neighborhood or city, especially during the summer. Whether it’s at the Great Smoky Mountains, Chattanooga, or Johnson City, tourists will flock and gather at these tourist attractions for summer vacation. If you are planning on visiting Tennessee in the near future, or you are hosting family or friends in the state, it’s important that you know what to do if you are injured during your stay. Where Can I Get Hurt as a Tourist in Tennessee? As a tourist in the state, you should be aware of the different locations that you or a loved one could get injured in. Resorts and hotels, swimming pools and water parks, sidewalks, busy parking lots, gyms, concerts, festivals, and theme parks are some of the most common places in Tennessee that face the most tourist injuries. If you…
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What Are the Signs of a Reckless Truck Driver?

While driving on a freeway, you will probably notice how other drivers around you are operating their own vehicle. If someone is driving recklessly near you, it’s common sense that you would become hyper vigilant and steer your vehicle away from them in order to avoid a serious accident. However, it might be more difficult to recognize that big 18-wheeler trucks are driving recklessly. How Do I Know That a Truck Driver Is Driving Recklessly? First, it’s important to realize that truck drivers can sometimes struggle with driving for long periods of time, and they might have difficulties with finding proper places to sleep or rest when they are tired. Many truck drivers will keep driving beyond the point of exhaustion, which will in turn place them at a risk for a serious accident. As a driver, you should pay attention to a few signs that you are driving next…
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How Is This Driver in Tennessee Facing Criminal Charges After a Motorcycle Accident?

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, a driver is facing criminal charges after a head-on collision that killed a motorcyclist in Union County. Twenty-five-year-old John Paul Gupton of Maynardville was riding north on a Kawasaki motorcycle along the Maynardville Highway late on a Sunday night. A southbound pickup truck then swerved into oncoming traffic and hit him. The victim was wearing a helmet. The pickup driver, Kenneth Lee Heatherly, told the investigating trooper that he swerved into the northbound lanes in order to avoid another car that had stopped to make a left-hand turn. Heatherly and his passenger were not injured, and they were both wearing seatbelts. How Does This Fatal Motorcycle Accident Relate to Motorcycle Safety? The victim was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, but there was not much that he could have done to avoid the deadly collision. However, motorcyclists should always: Stay aware…
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