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Are Safety Concerns Causing Tennessee Nursing Homes to Shut Down?

The state’s health commissioner has suspended all admissions to a Memphis nursing home in early September due to an investigation on safety issues at the facility. Earlier in August, another Tennessee nursing home in Greenville was also suspended due to alleged safety violations. Assisted care living facility admissions are usually suspended if conditions in the facility are damaging to the safety, health or welfare of the residents. If you or someone you know is currently residing in a nursing home in Tennessee, you should understand the warning signs of safety concerns linked to abuse and neglect. What Are the Common Safety Issues Associated with Nursing Homes? Abuse. According to the Nursing Home Abuse Center, elder abuse is on the rise and has become a major public safety concern. Physical abuse of the elderly includes signs of broken or fractured bones, bruising, cuts, open wounds and lacerations, internal injuries, or sudden…
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Who Can I Hold Liable for My Child’s High School Sports Injury?

On August 3, senior football player Jefferey Cox sustained severe spinal injuries after a routine scrimmage practice. He now attends a long-term treatment program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, but doctors have told Cox and his family he may never walk again. Sports injuries are common in Tennessee high school football players and can range from minor to severe, but who is to blame when a child is injured on the field? Can I Hold Another Party Liable After a Sports Injury? In amateur sports, the general rule is “no injury liability,” which means that injuries are an accepted risk of playing high school sports. However, there are rare cases in which a third party might have legal liability for any serious injuries. If your sports injury was the result of “unreasonably aggressive behavior” on the fault of another participant or player, the assumption of risk would not bar you…
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