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The 5 Most Common Causes of Accidents During Holiday Travel

The period of time between Thanksgiving and New Years’ Eve is one of the deadliest and busiest travel times during the year. The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that 91 percent of long-distance holiday travel is by car. If you and your family or friends are planning to travel during this time, or you have a holiday road trip planned, you should continue reading our blog. 5 Reasons for Car Accidents During the Holiday Season Road congestion. There are generally more vehicles on the road during the holiday season due to road trips, holiday shopping and work or school events. Naturally, with more cars on the road, there is an increased chance of getting into a collision. Drunk driving. Drinking and driving is common during this time of year, especially with many motorists going to or returning from holiday parties. Drunk drivers can drive erratically and have delayed responses while…
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Are There Social Host Liability Laws in Tennessee for New Years?

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights in the country for drinking and celebrating. With drinking and partying comes the increased risk of getting behind the wheel and being involved in a drunk driving accident. Whether you are the person who was reckless, or you are someone who was injured by an intoxicated person’s negligence, there are certain laws in Tennessee that will affect the outcome of the accident. It is important to understand third party liability laws in Tennessee. Knowing these laws can make a difference in the conclusion of your potential injury case. If you plan on drinking on New Year’s Eve, then you should know how you could recover compensation for personal injuries or property damage. What Are the Tennessee Dram Shop Laws? Tennessee law recognizes some third-party civil liability for alcohol-related injuries. However, the alcohol must have been sold to the person who caused…
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