How Does Alcohol Affect a Person’s Ability to Drive?

Photo of Sobriety test with officerDrunk driving accidents are the ultimate act of irresponsibility on American roads, injuring hundreds of thousands of motorists every year. Alcohol-related car accidents are not just a national problem, but also a problem here in Tennessee as well. In 2013, Tennessee law enforcement arrested over 26,000 people for drunk driving.

Nashville is a major entertainment hub for music and a popular tourist destination. The potential for alcohol abuse and driving is a present threat to members of the community.

When a person is arrested at the scene of an accident for intoxication, law enforcement will take his or her blood alcohol concentration level (BAC). To add significance and clarity to the problem, we are going to use information from the Centers for Disease Control to categorize how a higher BAC affects driving behavior.

  • BAC of .08 percent: At .08 percent, muscle coordination, impaired judgment, speed control and concentration are moderately affected.
  • BAC of .10 percent: At .10 percent, drivers have a clear deterioration of reaction time. In addition to reflexes, the ability to maintain lane position and brake appropriately are both negatively affected.
  • BAC of .15 percent: With such a high BAC level, drivers suffer a major loss of balance, major deficits to muscle control and a substantial impairment to vehicle control.

What Can I Do If an Impaired Driver Injures Me?

Driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics is a criminal offense, but it can also lead to a civil suit to claim damages for injuries. Drunk driving accidents can cause spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Catastrophic injuries have the potential to cause a person severe emotional, physical and financial hardship.

If you have been hit and injured by an impaired driver, you can reach out to our car accident attorney for a free consultation.

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Davis’ Words of Wisdom: The annual cost of drunk driving accidents in the United States totals $59 billion.


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