Could Better Driving Habits Be Key to Making Nashville Traffic Safer and Less Congested?

Could the way we drive really be the reason that Nashville traffic is as bad as it is? That’s right. Our traffic problems may not simply be because each year, more and more people move here, leading to the number of vehicles on the road growing. Or even because many of our roads were not designed to handle the increased traffic volume they are now seeing. Nope, it’s us and our poor driving habits that are to blame. At least, that’s what a local engineer believes.

What Are Nashville Drivers’ Bad Habits?

Featured in an article on Nashville Public Radio’s website, a 31-year-old electrical engineer has taken it upon himself to raise awareness about how we’re all contributing to Nashville’s traffic problems. According to the engineer, some of the problems that Nashville drivers’ bad driving habits are causing include:

  • Cutting into traffic abruptly, such as when merging. This can cause the driver you cut in front of to slam on his or her brakes, leading to traffic behind that vehicle getting slowed down.
  • Following other vehicles too closely, which can lead to rear-end accidents and prevent other vehicles from merging without disrupting the flow of traffic.
  • Driving at inconsistent speeds. If most vehicles traveled close to the same speed, then it would allow smoother merging and lane changes, enable drivers to maintain safe following distances and prevent as much stop-and-go traffic.

In addition to pointing out the poor driving habits of Nashville’s drivers, the story includes the simple changes we can each make to improve traffic congestion and safety in the city.

The Habits Drivers Need to Fix to Improve Nashville Traffic

Here’s what the engineer believes our drivers can do to fix the issues plaguing Nashville traffic:

  • Try to keep a safe following distance between you and the car in front of yours.
  • Stay alert on hills and curves, which can limit drivers’ visibility.
  • Drive at a safe and consistent speed, which generally involves staying at or below the speed limit, depending on traffic, road and weather conditions.
  • Stay aware of when on-ramps are short and traffic lanes end, so that you can anticipate areas where traffic could slow down. If enough drivers did this, it could help prevent traffic congestion in those areas.
  • When approaching areas where a large volume of traffic will need to merge, always leave enough space between your vehicle and the car or truck in front of you to allow the merging automobiles to get into your lane. If necessary, you may even want to change lanes to allow the vehicles entering traffic more room to merge.

Could Breaking a Few Bad Habits Fix Nashville’s Traffic Problems?

Is this engineer correct? Are Nashville’s traffic problems just a product of our own bad habits as drivers? While there’s plenty of truth to what he’s saying, there are also a host of other factors that keep our roads from being as safe and congestion-free as they could be. However, if drivers did take the time to break poor driving habits, it would go a long way toward improving traffic flow and preventing car accidents in Nashville.

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