Can I Hold a Nursing Home Liable for a Sexual Assault?

According to WRCB-TV, recently, a $5 million lawsuit was filed against a Rhea County nursing home after a man at the facility allegedly sexually assaulted a resident.

The station reported that the lawsuit was filed against Life Care Center of Rhea County. It claims that the owners and operators of the facility, “failed to prevent the alleged sexual abuse” of the victim, who was allegedly preyed on by the man dating back to 2013.

According to reports, an 83-year-old man, who was a resident at the facility, was charged in December of 2014 with two counts of sexual assault. The lawsuit claims that the victim suffers from dementia, and that the man who was charged lived with her at the facility for about a year-and-a-half.

The man allegedly visited with the woman often and “sexually assaulted [her] more than twice during his visits.” The man allegedly admitted to having sexual contact with the victim prior to his arrest.

The victim’s child filed the lawsuit against the facility and its operators.

Holding a Nursing Home Responsible for a Sexual Assault

The complaints contained in this lawsuit are disturbing. Nursing homes and residential healthcare facilities have a duty to make sure that residents are kept safe from potential dangers, including sexual predators.

As this lawsuit shows, if your loved one has been sexually assaulted or victimized by another resident or an employee at a nursing home, you can hold it liable. While the money you obtain through a lawsuit will not undo what happened, it can help your family recover and pay for items like counseling and/or therapy.

Instances of nursing home abuse and neglect must be taken seriously. Talk to our Nashville injury attorney about your loved one’s situation.

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