Can the Internet of Things Lead to Less Nashville Accidents?

What can be done to reduce the rate of car accidents in Nashville? Many tout driverless cars as an upcoming revolution in traffic safety. After all, the overwhelming majority of car accidents are caused by driver error, and eliminating the human element in driving could drastically reduce the number of people who are injured or killed in car accidents. But fully autonomous vehicles are years away, so what can be done in the meantime to make Nashville roads safer?

Some say that the Internet of Things and machine learning may be the key.

The Internet of Things is a term used to describe the increasing connectivity between technologies that we use on a day to day basis. And some companies, such as Geotab, believe that the Internet of Things can play a proactive role in helping drivers adopt safe habits.

It starts with data collection, something that many vehicles are already capable of. Information like speed, seatbelt usage, sharp cornering and over-acceleration can all be detected by the computers in modern cars. And even if you do not have a car with these technologies, chances are you do have a substitute in your pocket – your smartphone. This data can then be used to create driver coaching methods, including in-vehicle driver feedback, which Geotab says is an effective tool to mitigate unsafe driving behaviors.

The Internet of Things can even make roads themselves safer. Through the use of sensors and smart cement, the Internet of Things can be used to monitor the structural status of roads and bridges under dynamic conditions. This can give us valuable information that can alert us to deficiencies in roads and bridges that may lead to injuries or fatalities.

What do you think? Is this up-and-coming technology a boon to road safety, or are you more concerned with the implications to personal privacy?

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