Can I Sue a City Following an Accident?

Photo of Tennessee Capitol Building in NashvilleHave you experienced an injury due to the negligence of a city? Have you experienced a slip-and-fall accident in a city office or on a city street? Have you been hurt in an accident involving a city vehicle? Was your loved one killed because of a city employee’s recklessness?

If you have been injured because a city failed to maintain its property or employed a reckless driver or employee, you may have the ability to file a lawsuit. However, it should be noted that depending on where you live, initiating a claim could be a very complex process. This is why working with an attorney with knowledge of the jurisdiction is incredibly important.

In some cases, you must file a notice with the city or state prior to filing a lawsuit. This is why speaking to an attorney may prove vital. An experienced lawyer can give you advice about how to move forward with your claim and/or lawsuit in a way that could provide you the most success.

In addition to a notice of intent, in some cases, there are statutes where you must file a lawsuit in a specific amount of time following an injury accident. The failure to do so could lead to your case being dismissed, so in cases involving municipalities, time may be of the essence when filing an injury claim.

Family Sues Johnson City Following Garbage Truck Accident

We bring up this form of litigation because recently the family of a woman killed in a garbage truck accident filed a lawsuit against Johnson City.

According to WJHL-TV, Julie Harper was killed on February 6 when she was crossing the intersection of Browns Mills Road and North Roan Street in Johnson City. The wrongful death lawsuit maintains that the city was negligent and contributed to Harper’s death. The lawsuit seeks damages for Gregory Harper, Julie’s son, for pain and suffering, the loss of life as well as damages for his emotional pain.

Moving Forward with an Injury Case

Remember, litigation involving cities could possibly include vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and falls and construction accidents. By speaking to our attorney following a mishap, you could potentially receive helpful legal advice. Remember, our attorney offers a free initial consultation.

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