Can I Sue a Nurse Who Injures Me?

Photo of Ill nursing home resident in bedIf your loved one is a nursing home resident or you were undergoing care at a medical facility, you would expect that the provider would give you quality services. Sadly, sometimes this is not the case for some patients, as employees could potentially have personal issues that could lead to poor care.

Keep in mind, medical malpractice can include instances of medication errors and medical charting errors. We bring this up because in December 2014, the Tennessee Board of Nursing disciplined a nurse based on her alleged negligence and recklessness in Newbern.

According to, the registered nurse was found guilty of several crimes, and the board found her “unfit or incompetent by reason of negligence, habits or other cause”, resulting in her license being suspended.

The Board of Nursing reported that the nurse was employed by the Horizon Medical Center in Dixon from August 4, 2008 until July 8, 2013. At this time, she allegedly diverted morphine care from patients and consumed the narcotic by drinking it. She also failed to note patient drug transactions.

Holding a Healthcare Provider Liable for Medical Malpractice

Attorneys take medical malpractice cases very seriously, especially if they involve drug errors and other forms of employee misconduct or negligence. Remember, last fall, we reported in our blog that a study done by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing indicated that prescription drug abuse among nurses is typically higher than that of the general population.

Nurses who act in a reckless fashion by abusing drugs and/or failing to chart patient activity can harm the public. Remember, if you believe that you have been injured due to the actions of a healthcare provider, speaking to an attorney may prove to be important, as determining whether a claim is medical malpractice or just an undesirable outcome can be complex.

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