Are My Caramel Apples Safe?

Nashville Wrongful Death LawyerFrighteningly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is continuing to investigate seven deaths and more than 30 illnesses related to a listeria outbreak linked to contaminated caramel apples.

According to Food Safety Magazine, the outbreak is linked to Granny Smith and Gala apples that were issued by Bidart Brothers of California. Apples coming from the plant allegedly tested positive for the presence of listeria.

It has been reported that 31 people have been hospitalized from falling ill after eating the apples. The outbreak has reached 11 states—people most at risk for being infected include adults 65 years or older, people with weakened immune systems and pregnant women, according to the CDC.

Due to the affected apples, Happy Apples, California Snack Foods and Merb’s Candies have each announced the voluntary recall of their caramel apples. Additionally, the CDC said it is working with other brands to determine if they may have contaminated products.

To visit the CDC page about the recall, you can click here.

I Have Become Sick After Eating Contaminated Food. Can I File a Lawsuit?

Remember, if a defective product or contaminated food has harmed you, you may have the ability to hold the manufacturer liable. Food preparation companies have a duty to make sure their plants and manufacturing sites are free from dangerous bacteria that could harm consumers.

You should not have to suffer, because a company was negligent and you may have ingested contaminated food. Make sure you speak to a Nashville personal injury attorney near you to report the issue.

Amazingly, 10 people who have reported illness relating to the tainted caramel apples have been pregnant women. Make sure you keep yourself safe and check the packaging on any caramel apples you may have purchased or received as a gift recently, to determine if they have been affected by this recall.

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