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How Are You Celebrating All the Amazing Fathers You Know this Father’s Day?

This Father’s Day, we celebrate the dedication, courage and love of all of the dads out there. This one’s for you!

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Is Ashland City Responsible for This Motorcycle Crash?

Last month, a motorcyclist on a 2003 Harley-Davidson was riding on Little Marrowbone Road in Ashland City when he struck a pile of gravel and flew into the air before crash-landing in the middle of the road. When he was discovered, he was unconscious. He died later at a local hospital. The motorcyclist did not have any drugs or alcohol in his system. The pile of gravel in the middle of the road was found to be the cause of the accident. Cities Have Responsibilities to Maintain Roads A study by The Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation showed that road problems cause more than 42,000 car accidents every year. Improperly maintained roads can include any one of the following: Gravel in the road Oil in the road Debris in the road Design flaws, like improper lines or blind corners Ice patches Construction work zones Cracks or potholes in the…
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Is Walking While Drunk Dangerous?

When you think about what alcohol negatively impairs, most people think of drunk driving (don’t do it!), drunk dancing (let’s face it, the only people who think those moves are cool also happen to be drunk), drunk cooking (which usually results in strange concoctions) and general decision making (was it really a good idea to give that person your phone number?). However, most people don’t consider walking something that could be a huge hazard as a result of drinking (unless you’re stumbling, that is). Most people would be wrong. A study recently published by shows that, when not counting passengers, more drunk pedestrians die on the roadways than drunk drivers. This may seem like an odd statistic, but it makes sense when you factor in how exposed pedestrians are when facing a collision with a two-ton metal tank. Drunk Walking is Just as Dangerous as Drunk Driving We mentioned…
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