Clarksville Motorcycle Accident Leads to Uninsured Motorist Legislation

Following a Clarksville motorcycle accident that left a pair of couples with several catastrophic injuries including a collapsed lung, massive internal bleeding and a broken knee, a state representative beefed up penalties for drivers without insurance.

According to the Clarksville Leaf Chronicle, Rep. Joe Pitts, D – Clarksville, heard about the story of Mary Ann and Richard Brewster and Tommy and Amber Tuchscherer, who were hit by an uninsured motorist last year on Fort Campbell Boulevard.

The couples received no compensation, even though the driver involved in the accident was found to be at fault, because he or she lacked insurance. “It angered me that there was no consequence,” Mary Ann Brewster told the Leaf Chronicle. “When you don’t have insurance, you have no assets, you have nothing to reimburse the people that you’ve hurt. There’s no consequence. You just keep on going with your life while we deal with your actions.”

The accident forced the motorcyclists to miss work and left them in financial trouble. This angered Pitts. “That’s just kind of what made this accident so egregious,” Pitts told the Leaf Chronicle. “Especially when you cause an accident that results in bodily injury or death, it just seems like there needs to be a different penalty than 100 bucks.”

In the past and at the time of the accident, drivers only face a $100 fine in Tennessee if they cause an injury while uninsured. Due to legislation passed by Pitts and Sen. Mark Green, R – Clarksville, drivers who are now found to cause an injury without insurance can face up to 11 months and 29 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

We appreciate what the lawmakers have done. Drivers who negligently hit other vehicles in the roadway and injure or kill others should be held liable for their actions. The personal injuries caused by vehicle accidents can lead to expensive rehabilitation and physical therapy, so when a person does not carry insurance,  he or she puts you at risk financially.

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