Determining Fault in a Commercial Vehicle Accident

Photo of Car being towed after accident with police car in backgroundHas your loved one been injured or killed in a commercial vehicle accident? Often, people think of commercial vehicles strictly as tractor-trailers. While large trucks are the biggest cause of commercial vehicle accidents, other automobiles can cause crashes, like cement trucks, cargo vans, box trucks and construction equipment haulers.

Remember, if your loved one is ever involved in a commercial vehicle accident, you should have the crash investigated by an attorney. Through litigation, an attorney may be able to determine what caused an accident to take place, including whether driver error, mechanical defects or environmental issues helped contribute to a crash.

If the carelessness and recklessness of a company and/or its driver has contributed to an accident, all of the parties involved could potentially be held liable. Below is a good example of a case where a company allegedly failed to maintain its vehicles’ equipment, resulting in the death of a man.

A Deadly Nashville Cement Truck Accident

One fatal commercial vehicle accident attracting local headlines is that of a Nashville Ready Mix cement truck. In 2013, 33-year-old Sergio Lopez was killed after a truck operated by the company struck him.

Soon after the accident, Lopez’s family filed a lawsuit against Nashville Ready Mix over his death. Eerily, in depositions for the case, the co-founder of the company testified that it knew the brakes on the truck involved in the crash were bad.

One of the company’s founders allegedly said in a deposition that the truck had defective brakes leading up to the crash that were not repaired, as the compressed air components were allegedly faulty.

“If [Nashville Ready Mix had] gotten the brakes fixed, we wouldn’t be here today,” the man said in a deposition, according to WSMV-TV. The man was also allegedly offered “hush money” by other officials with the company in an attempt to get him not to testify about the issues with the brakes.

Having a Commercial Vehicle Accident Investigated

As this case shows, it may be incredibly important for you to have a commercial vehicle accident investigated. Through depositions and the review of items like maintenance reports, an attorney may be able to prove that a business was at fault for your accident.

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