Pet Distractions While Driving Dangers Highlighted in Recent Nashville Crash

Do you own pets? Make sure they are secured if you are driving with them, for your safety and their own! Pets distractions while driving can be just as dangerous as texting while driving and any other action that takes away your focus from driving.

Recently, a man crashed into a power pole in south Nashville, knocking out electricity to thousands for residents after he said kittens distracted him inside his vehicle. According to the Tennessean, the crash occurred on Hickory Boulevard, near Cane Ridge Free Will Baptist Church.

It is not clear if the kittens were caged. However, even caged or restrained animals can lead to accidents caused by pet distractions while driving. This Nashville accident remains under investigation. The driver of the vehicle had to be transported to the hospital for injury treatment.

Pet Safety While Driving – Tips for Traveling with Your Pets

This crash should serve as a reminder that pets distractions while driving can cause distracted driving accidents.

According to reports by car insurers including Nationwide, eight percent of drivers in the U.S. admit to driving with pets in their laps. This is incredibly dangerous when you consider that 90 percent of Americans say that they travel with their pets.

Pets can cause you to lose your grip on a steering wheel or get under your feet when you are attempting to brake or accelerate. Additionally, a pet can carry tremendous force when he or she is unrestrained in an accident, as the advocacy group Bark Buckle UP says that a 60-pound dog could potentially carry the force of a 2,700-pound projectile in a 35-mile-per-hour accident.

We love pets and care about pet safety while driving. However, if you are going to drive with them, you should make sure that they are secure. This means you should place them in cages or purchase a latch collar that you can connect to the seatbelts in your car.

Pet Distractions While Driving Just as Dangerous as Texting While Driving

Remember, your pets should be secured not only for your safety, but also for their own. Airbags can be incredibly dangerous for pets, if they are deployed during an accident. If you have been injured by a distracted driver’s negligence, speak to our Nashville car accident attorney. Our personal injury law firm in Nashville can investigate your case and determine if you may be entitled to damages.

Driving with a pet in your lap can be just as dangerous as other forms of distracted driving including texting. Avoid this reckless habit.

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