First Responders Struck on Side of Road: Changes to Move Over Law

Three first responders in Hendersonville, TN were injured while working the scene of a car accident in mid-June. The accident happened when a man tried to get around traffic using reckless maneuvers. Upon being slowed down by traffic, he backed up, hitting a car, and then used the southbound lane to move around other vehicles. He kept going and hit an ambulance containing a patient, knocking an EMT out of the vehicle. Prior to hitting the ambulance, he ran over another first responder’s foot. This accident came one week after another worker was hit and killed on the side of I-24.

According to police, the driver who caused the accident was driving on a suspended license.

Move Over – Changes to the Law Now in Effect

Prior to July 1, drivers were required to move over into another lane or to slow down when passing an emergency vehicle with its lights on. Now, this law applies to any vehicle with flashing lights, including passenger vehicles.

The law covers every road in the state, not just interstates.

When people fail to abide by the Move Over law, we see incidents like the one above. Fortunately, the three first responders are expected to recover fully, but if drivers do not pay attention, especially at night, these workers are at risk for catastrophic injuries caused by cars.

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