GM Ignition Switch Lawsuit: Company Settles Criminal Charges

According to the Associated Press, General Motors has agreed to pay $900 million to settle criminal prosecution over its defective ignition switches, which have been linked to at least 169 deaths and countless car accidents.

The news outlet reported that many experts are upset with the deal, saying it is not sufficient. The switches allegedly allow keys to slip out of the run position and cut off a vehicle’s engine. GM allegedly knew about the defective auto part for more than a decade and reportedly tried to conceal the issue. No criminal charges were filed against employees or staff members who allegedly knew about the problem.

Under the deal, the AP reported that an independent monitor would be appointed to oversee the manufacturer’s handling of safety problems. The charges the company was facing included wire fraud and scheming to conceal information from government regulators, which will be dropped if the company complies with the monitor.

One victim’s mother slammed the settlement, saying an individual who would choose to put other people at risk while driving would face charges. “If a person kills someone because he decided to drive drunk, he will go to jail,” said Laura Christian, the mother of a woman who died in a GM vehicle accident, according to the news outlet.

In addition to the deal, it was announced that GM would spend more than $575 million to settle civil lawsuits relating to the defective ignition switches.

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Unfortunately, aside from death, victims who have been in accidents involving defective GM vehicles have suffered from spinal cord injuriestraumatic brain injuries (TBI) and broken bones.

If your family has been affected by the GM defective ignition switch recall, talk to our Nashville injury attorney about pursuing litigation. You may be able to file an individual claim or enter into a settlement program.

It is unacceptable when a vehicle manufacturer places its profits ahead of the safety of consumers. Those that do must be held liable. You can reach our Nashville lawyer by clicking on the live chat option on this page or by filling out the contact request form.

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