How Can I Keep My Dog Safe If I’m in a Traffic Accident?

How can I keep my dog safe if I’m in a traffic accident? In the wake of a recent Nashville bus accident involving rock band Hinder that we blogged about on Monday, this question seems more relevant than ever.

Following the bus wreck, it was discovered a service dog that belonged to driver of Hinder’s tour bus was missing. The crash itself happened in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 40 near Silver Point and involved multiple vehicles, including the tour bus, an SUV and a tractor-trailer truck. An emergency worker who had responded to the incident spotted the dog, who is named Cuzco, wandering around the edge of the crash site immediately after the accident. However, at that time, the worker was unaware that the dog had been involved in the wreck.

Once authorities learned that Cuzco was a service dog that had been aboard Hinder’s tour bus, they began conducting a search that spanned a few hours. Several members of Hinder returned to the accident scene to join emergency personnel as they searched for Cuzco. Eventually, Cuzco was found taking shelter in the woods near the accident scene. Although, Cuzco was cold, scared and wet when found, the dog thankfully suffered no injuries as a result of the ordeal.

Safety Tips for Driving with a Dog in Your Vehicle

If you plan to take your dog with you in a vehicle, there a few tips you should know and accessories you should have on hand to ensure the trip is safe for your pet:

  • Make sure your dog has an ID tag on his or her collar with your pet’s name as well as your name and telephone number. Including your vet’s phone number is recommended as well.
  • Keep a recent picture of your dog on your phone and/or a printed photo of your dog in your vehicle. If you and your dog are separated, a photo will give those helping you search for your dog a better chance to recognize your pet.
  • Have copies of your dog’s vaccination and medical records in your vehicle in case your dog requires medical treatment while you are on the road.
  • If you drive a larger vehicle, such as a minivan, SUV or station wagon, you may be able to install a pet barrier, which will keep them contained behind the rear seat safely while allowing them room to move.
  • At 35 mph, a 60-pound dog can become a projectile with the force of 2,700 pounds in an accident, according to A safety harness or restraint will allow your pet to lie down or sit down comfortably and ensure your pet is restrained if you are involved in a wreck.

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