How Should I Report a Car Accident to the Tennessee DOS?

There are many things you should be aware of after a car accident. As a responsible Tennessee driver, you should call and notify police and medical authorities of any injuries, and you should exchange information with the other parties involved. In certain situations, you must also report an accident to the Tennessee Department of Safety (Tennessee DOS) within 20 days of the incident. If you are ever involved in a car accident, then you should know if the incident you were involved in requires this report.

How Do I Know If I Should Report an Accident to the Tennessee DOS?

In order to determine if you should complete and submit a report to the Tennessee DOS after your accident, you should check to see if any of these factors apply:

  • The car accident caused an injury
  • The car accident caused a fatality
  • The car accident resulted in property damages over $400

If you meet these requirements and fail to report an accident to the Tennessee DOS, then you could have your license or registration suspended. You must file a report even if the other driver offers to pay damages and asks you not to report the incident. Your report must include all current information involving your insurance coverage.

If you do not have any liability insurance at the time of the accident, then you are subject to a fine and your driving privileges will be temporarily revoked.

How Do I Submit My Accident Report?

You can pick up an accident report from your local law enforcement agency, your local Highway Patrol office or online. Make sure you send your accident report to the Tennessee DOS office and remember to keep your own copy for your personal records.

Another important step after filing your report to the Tennessee DOS is to hire a Tennessee car accident attorney. Stanley A. Davis can assist you in possibly obtaining justice after a serious car accident. Contact our law office today to receive a free consultation.


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