Lookout for Deer on Roadways

According to the Associated Press, the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) is trying to warn drivers about deer-related crashes as the cold weather seasons kickoff.

The THP is urging drivers to be aware and cautious in areas where deer are found. The agency said that the chances of striking a deer are considerably higher during hunting and mating seasons.

The THP said that three people were killed in crashes involving deer in 2012 statewide—there were 5,911 total deer-related crashes. The number is a 4.2 percent increase from 5,670 crashes in 2011.

The THP said that deer tend to move at dawn during mating seasons and motorists should not attempt to swerve or overcorrect to avoid contacting the animals. Swerving a vehicle can cause a more serious accident, as you can flip your vehicle or shift into oncoming traffic.

Most experts recommend only gradually slowing down if you see a deer in the roadway, and flashing your lights or alerting your horn to try to scare the animal. If a crash is imminent, you may have to strike a deer in order to avoid swerving your vehicle.

It should be noted that if you are forced to kill a deer while commuting, it is better than injuring yourself or others trying to avoid one. Keep in mind, if you injure or kill someone else in a car accident because you were trying to avoid hitting an animal, you can be held liable for your actions.

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