Truck Crash Cause Your Injuries or Loved One’s Wrongful Death?

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Can health conditions raise the risk of a truck accident?On the surface, a truck crash may seem like any other motor vehicle accident on a larger scale. However, just as a semi truck is vastly different than a passenger car, a truck accident claim is unlike a regular car crash claim. A trucking wreck claim often involves extensive damage that requires investigation and an understanding of state and federal trucking industry regulations. Then, you face opposition not only from the truck driver but also from the trucking company and its insurance provider. Furthermore, the trucking company may possess important evidence that you will need for a successful claim. It is therefore crucial to contact a Murfreesboro truck accident lawyer as soon as possible after a crash to protect your right to a fair recovery.

Tennessee attorney Stanley A. Davis has been advocating for the rights of injury victims after truck accidents in Murfreesboro for over 20 years. He has experience standing up to large, powerful trucking companies and understands how to handle the unique aspects of this kind of claim. While you recover, he can investigate your accident, identify all liable parties and take steps to hold them accountable.

How Is a Truck Accident Claim Different from a Car Crash Case?

A truck accident claim is often much more complex than other motor vehicle accident cases. Some key differences are:

  • More damage. Semi trucks are much larger and heavier than passenger cars, so they have the capacity to cause much more serious injuries and damage during a crash. In some cases, such as if the truck jack-knifes, the trailer or cargo can create hazards in the roadway, causing secondary wrecks. Consequently, victims may suffer life-altering catastrophic personal injuries or wrongful death.
  • Shorter timeframe. Trucking companies may act quickly to obtain evidence and begin building a defense. Therefore, the sooner you call a truck accident lawyer, the easier it will be to prove your case.
  • Different causes. In many cases, negligence by the trucking company and/or the driver causes this kind of crash. For example, drowsy driving is a common cause of truck accidents. To prevent these wrecks, industry regulations limit the number of hours a driver may work. However, deadlines and company pressure may cause drivers to break these laws and drive while fatigued. Drunk driving, mechanical failure, speeding and driver inexperience are all also common causes of truck wrecks. Additionally, unsecured cargo may hit nearby vehicles, causing a crash.
  • Different evidence. Key evidence in a truck accident claim may include but is not limited to: the driver’s logbook, the black box, and maintenance or inspection records.
  • Multiple liable parties and insurance policies. Responsible parties may include the trucking company that owns the vehicle, the manufacturer maintenance and repair companies, loaders, inspection personnel and more. Negligence by any of these parties may cause a serious or fatal trucking accident.
  • Tougher opposition. A trucking company’s business and profits depend on its vehicles. Thus, the company and its insurer may dispute your claim or try to deflect blame onto you or other parties.

What Can a Murfreesboro Truck Accident Lawyer Do to Help?

Even without the added stress of serious injuries or a loved one’s wrongful death, most people are not equipped to handle the complexities of a truck accident claim. Having an experienced lawyer on your side is essential after a truck crash, perhaps more than any other kind of vehicle accident. While you focus on your health, an attorney can:

  • Gather evidence. Your lawyer will send a demand letter to the trucking company for the preservation of evidence. This letter requires the recipient to keep key evidence, like maintenance records and driver logbooks, safe. If a company destroys this evidence, intentionally or not, then it may face legal consequences. This letter may also require the company to delay repairs on the truck until experts from both sides have a chance to inspect it.
  • Identify all liable parties. A lawyer’s investigation can identify all negligent parties that caused or contributed to your accident. You may be able to collect compensation from all responsible parties.
  • Speak to the insurance company on your behalf. A lawyer can handle all negotiations with the trucking company, insurance company and other parties while you recover.
  • Explain trucking laws and regulations. Trucking companies and drivers must abide by state and federal regulations. A lawyer can determine whether any violations contributed to your accident.
  • Hire experts, if necessary. In some cases, a successful claim may require accident reconstructionists and trucking industry experts.
  • Alleviate the stress of a legal claim. Having qualified legal counsel protecting your best interests can allow you to focus on healing from your injuries or the loss of a loved one.

In addition, our law firm operates on a contingency fee basis, so that you can get legal help no matter your financial situation. You only pay fees if we successfully recover compensation for you.

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