Nashville Car Accident Attorney Discusses Major 55-Car Pileup

On Thursday November 29, a Tennessee man died in fatal car accident on Vietnam Veterans Parkway after losing control of his car and slamming into the back of a U.S. Mail truck. According to the Hendersonville Fire Department, emergency workers counted 179 vehicles stopped at the crash scene, 55 of which were involved in the collision. Most of the people sent to hospital received treatment for minor head trauma and spinal injuries due to the force of impact.

This leads to the question: Why were so many cars involved if most drivers were practicing safe driving? Weather service reports showed the region dropped to 25 degrees at the time of the fatal car accident, which likely contributed to the extent of the accident.

Like most of the car accident victims, Diana Denney had complete control of her car, pumping her brakes and coming to a stop in time to avoid a frontal collision. However, other vehicles hit her SUV from the rear. As this demonstrates, being cautious and careful will not always save you from being involved in these accidents.

Remember it is important that if you must drive in hazardous conditions, slow down. Do not follow other vehicles too closely, especially large trucks or other vehicles with large tires. In most cases, giving yourself three to four times more room for breaking than in nice weather is the safest thing to do if you cannot avoid driving. Watch carefully for vehicles in front of you that may be moving at a slow pace, or vehicles that brake randomly, as this could cause their vehicle to lose control due to lack of traction.

If you or someone you care for has been involved in a car accident caused by another person’s negligence, please contact our Nashville car accident attorney to receive information on your options.

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