Nashville Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Fatal Vehicle Accident

A motor vehicle accident near Lake City ended in one fatality and left another seriously injured. Police in Medford reported that the accident on December 26 killed Ronnie L. Braden, a 62-year-old former chief of the Medford Volunteer Fire Department.

Braden’s wife Connie was seriously injured in the accident. According to the police chief, Braden was suffering “some type of medical issue” when the accident occurred. Connie used her cell phone to call for help after the pickup truck veered off the road and crashed into trees. When rescue crews arrived, they extracted Connie from the vehicle, but her husband was pinned inside. Officials state that he was pronounced dead at the scene.

After immobilizing Connie and transporting her to the hospital, crews used hydraulic tools to open the vehicle and remove Braden’s body. An investigation remains ongoing, but rescuers believe that Braden was suffering from chest pains immediately before the accident. We join the Braden family in mourning their loss, and our prayers and best wishes remain with them as Connie works toward recovery.

Braden had the benefit of a career in rescue and safety, but it is possible he was killed while trying to seek medical attention. Unfortunately, driving while impaired by injury or another condition can be just as dangerous as reckless or drunk driving.

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