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A violent altercation outside of a Murfreesboro Kroger in 2009 took away a man’s ability to drive, hear out of one ear and smell. He also has difficulty with his short-term memory.

Road rage was apparently the motivating force behind the attack that left Tony Lynch with a traumatic brain injury. According to testimony in court, Matt Garrett knocked Lynch unconscious with a punch. When Lynch’s head slammed into the asphalt, it caused permanent brain damage and a fractured skull.

Garrett’s claims that he acted in self-defense did not hold up in court. Eyewitnesses said that Lynch did not have a weapon and did not act in a threatening way. An earlier criminal trial convicted Garrett of reckless aggravated assault.

Lynch’s lawyer said that Garrett’s behavior after the attack did not make him sympathetic to jurors. After the attack, Garrett walked away from the victim while he was “on the ground having seizures and having blood come out of his ears.”

Lynch, who is now permanently disabled, won $1 million to compensate for medical expenses and loss of consortium.

This case is a textbook example of how injured victims can seek justice against people who caused them hardship to compensate for pain, bills, loss and trauma. If someone else injured you, you have rights. Our Nashville injury lawyer can help you exercise them. Schedule a free consultation with us by calling (615) 845-6141 to learn more.

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