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How Can Repetitive Stress Injuries Occur in the Workplace?

Workplace injuries can usually be viewed as single, catastrophic and extreme incidents, such as explosions, fires or life-altering injuries. However, workplace injuries do not always have to result from a sudden, isolated event. Many injuries in the workplace can occur from small and repetitive actions over a period of time that have been performed on a regular basis, also known as repetitive stress injuries (RSIs). These injuries can be harder to spot, but as a Tennessee employee you have the right to recover for them under your employer’s workers’ compensation benefits. How Can I Develop a Repetitive Stress Injury? According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are hundreds of different types of repetitive stress injuries that result from gradual wear and tear of the body. RSIs are the largest category of workplace injuries, far more than slips and falls or scrapes and cuts. For an RSI to…
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Common Mistakes People Make Right After a Car Accident

Nobody can predict when you will be involved in a car accident, but car accidents happen every day. Many people do not know what steps to take after an accident because they assume it won’t happen to them. These common mistakes that people make after a crash can result in large financial costs, and they can hurt the victim’s chances of gaining full compensation from their insurance company or other driver involved. What Are the Most Common Mistakes People Make After a Car Accident? Not contacting law enforcement: A police report could be a crucial part of your injury case because it will outline what happened to cause the accident. Without any valid documentation from a police officer right after the car accident, your lawsuit will have a much lower chance of succeeding. Admitting fault: Don’t jump to apologizing and admitting fault right when the car accident occurs. This simple…
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What Are the Different Degrees of Negligence in Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice happens when a hospital, physician, or health care professional causes an injury to a patient. This type of malpractice can be caused by many different actions or omissions, but usually the main cause of medical malpractice is negligence. In these cases, courts will define negligence as a health care professional’s failure to provide the amount of care and skill of the average person who practices that provider’s medical specialty. Not every medical malpractice case is the same though, so it’s important to consider the range of negligent actions that can occur. What Types of Negligent Acts Can Occur in Medical Malpractice Cases? Accidents: Accidents technically mean that no one is at fault for the injury that occurred. However, medical negligence can easily be misclassified as an accident at first investigation. In order to determine if it was an accident or negligence, you will have to examine the medical…
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