Injured in a Building Collapse?

Nashville Construction Accident Lawyer Explains Building Collapse Causes and Injury Compensation

When construction companies or another party chooses to cut corners and act negligently, you may need legal help. Nashville construction accident lawyer Stanley A. Davis uses his experience in construction accident law, Tennessee workers compensation, premises liability and defective product liability to determine the best legal options for recovery. He works to learn why the building collapse happened and to protect you and your family from having to suffer financially. At our law firm, we want to see that you receive the workers compensation benefits, personal injury or wrongful death compensation you and your family deserves. The Book of Thessalonians says that the Lord is faithful and will strengthen and protect us from evil. However, those in a building collapse accident may need additional support to hold the party at fault legally responsible. We offer a free consultation to discuss the building collapse at (615) 845-6141.

What Causes Building Collapse Construction Accidents?

Building construction in Nashville must follow regulations for the structures to be safe. However, decisions by the construction company or another party during the construction, demolition or renovation of a building may compromise its integrity and cause a building collapse. When a building collapse occurs because of a negligent decision, it is the construction workers and nearby individuals who are in danger. Negligent decisions may include things like the voice of building materials or a faulty building design, as described below.

When you call or contact our Nashville construction accident lawyer, the first thing he will do is begin researching the construction accident to determine if the building collapse was the result of:

  • Defective building materials. Flawed floors, ceilings, plumbing, drainage, ventilation, windows, doors, siding, roofing or insulation can all play a role in a building collapse accident.
  • Defects in architectural or engineering design. These flaws can be computation errors or they could represent a failure to account for loads the structure will have to handle. It could also include improper selection of materials or misunderstanding of their properties.
  • Extraordinary loads beyond capacity. While buildings are designed to withstand specific conditions, structural failures can occur when those conditions are exceeded. Weather, hurricane force winds or earthquakes can also cause these failures.
  • Failure to follow design specifications. Minimum standards lay out the responsibilities and design specifications for material suppliers, contractors and engineers to follow strictly. Additionally, defective construction equipment could also play a role in building collapse accidents.
  • Failure to maintain the building. Codes and regulations typically require proper maintenance of the building or structure’s roof, elevators, exits, stairways, fire escapes, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems or fire alarms. Weak ceilings and ceiling collapse accidents can occur due to failing to maintain the premises.
  • Foundation failure. A well-designed building can still be subject to collapse because of a bad foundation. Cracks or crack patterns in the foundation might be evidence of building movement. Perhaps these cracks were ignored because of the estimated repair cost.
  • Inspection failures. Inspectors should ensure construction sites meet code and regulation compliance. However, some buildings may not receive inspections on a regular basis. Alternatively, an inspector might not have known what to look for or may not be aware of an issue.
  • Poor supervision by a general contractor or subcontractor. Managerial failure can mean safety equipment was not in place, steps were missed or specs were not followed.

Nashville Construction Accident Lawyer Handling Defective Construction Lawsuits

Nashville personal injury attorney Stanley Davis wants to make sure workers hurt on the job achieve justice. He wants to help them to recover the maximum possible lost income, compensation for past and future medical bills as well as other damages. He also provides compassionate support to families dealing with the emotional toll of fatal building collapses. Please contact our attorney online to schedule a free consultation.

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