What Caused the Truck Crash?

Truck Accident Attorney with Experience Investigating Nashville Semi Injury Accidents

Photo of a yellow truckAny number of factors can cause a truck accident, and determining what really happened requires skill, knowledge and experience. The truck driver may claim the company did not provide proper training, while the trucking company might blame a manufacturer for a part that is a defective product. The manufacturer might even blame a repair shop for installing a truck part wrong.

Nashville truck accident attorney Stanley A. Davis can put an end to this chain of blame right away and begin seeking the truth. He has helped his clients receive millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements following catastrophic crashes. He knows how to investigate truck accidents, what it takes to determine liability and gain the damages owed to you for your medical costs, pain and suffering because these parties decided to act recklessly and in their best interest, not yours.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

In his practice, Stan has handled many personal injury lawsuits involving trucks that had a wide range of causes. Here are issues he sees as being some of the main causes that can lead to semi truck accidents:

  • Driver error — An inexperienced or poorly trained driver is more likely to make a mistake that causes the cab to turn back in on itself or the trailer to swing. Truck drivers also need to take special precautions and avoid driving too fast or recklessly. Many truck drivers are careless in poor weather conditions, which can increase accident risk. Those who are fatigued, stressed, intoxicated or otherwise impaired while operating trucks are also more likely to cause crashes.
  • Lack of truck maintenance — All commercial trucks must undergo frequent safety inspections to ensure that their engines, brakes and other essential components are working properly. If a truck does not receive this maintenance, parts can become defective and cause accidents. A trucking company that knowingly neglects basic safety checks may be liable for the cause of a truck accident.
  • Poorly loaded cargo — If the truck’s cargo is loaded unevenly or carries too much weight, this improper weight distribution can cause the driver to lose control and may cause a truck to jackknife or overturn. Loads not properly secured can also result in items spilling out from the vehicle, creating driving hazards.
  • Improper freight size — While federal, state and local trucking laws all put limits on the maximum load size and make violators subject to large fines, some companies push the limit to feed their bottom lines. An overweight truck not only needs more stopping distance, but also suffers from additional wear and tear on the vehicle and has lessened maneuverability.
  • Speeding or driving too fast for conditions — Truck drivers are under pressure to deliver what they are hauling on time, and many accidents are the result of drivers losing control after traveling too fast in poor weather conditions or driving recklessly.

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Stan Davis takes pride in providing one-on-one legal support that goes beyond seeing you as just a client. To him, he values doing what is honest and fair in all aspects of his life, which means much more to him than money ever will. He sees your choice in retaining his services as his priority, and his focus is on making sure you and your family gets what they need to begin moving forward.

Do not attempt to settle the case on your own. Choose an attorney in Nashville who knows the laws and knows the ins and outs of the Tennessee legal system who can uphold your rights during truck accident litigation. If you are searching for the right attorney for your case, please talk to truck accident attorney Stan Davis today. During a free discussion, you can learn about his level of dedication that can only be gained by truly caring about your well being.

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