Unsecured Truck Load Accidents

Nashville Personal Injury Attorney on Semi Crashes Caused by Improperly Loaded Tractor Trailer Cargo

When most people think about truck accidents, the first thought that comes to mind may be semi trucks colliding with other vehicles. However, an unsecured truck load is another unexpected, yet severe danger on Nashville roads. Unsecured truck loads can lead to several types of semi accidents, which do involve a commercial truck crashing into a passenger vehicle. Motorists may run over fallen cargo, into trailers that detach from truck cabs or into trailers that overturn due to loose cargo shifting. This type of trucking accident can be just as severe for drivers and passengers in nearby cars as Nashville truck accidents caused by truck driver error or defective truck parts.

Unsecured truck load lawyer Stanley A. Davis has worked with many victims of truck accidents and their families throughout Tennessee, seeking the compensation they need after a truck crash leaves them physically, emotionally and financially devastated. As a civil trial specialist, personal injury attorney Stan Davis takes the time and effort to prepare each truck accident lawsuit he represents with the strength needed to succeed at trial. This ensures that his clients benefit from the strongest possible accident claim throughout all the stages of truck accident litigation. If going to court will ensure the fairest amount of damages recoverable after a Nashville truck accident, truck accident attorney Stan Davis is more than ready to make sure justice is served.

What Causes Unsecured Truck Load Accidents?

Large trucks can carry large machine parts, timber, shipping containers, hazardous materials or any number of enormous cargos that could threaten the lives of nearby vehicle occupants if not properly secured and tied down. Commercial truck cargo that is unsecured may shift to one side when turning or from a sudden jerk of the steering wheel, possibly causing the semi truck to overturn due to an imbalance from the load shifting.

Another type of truck accident that involves improperly loaded truck cargo is when an 18 wheeler is loaded with too much weight. Local Tennessee, Nashville and federal trucking laws have strict load weight limits for cargo commercial trucks can safely haul. Overweight loads may affect the ability of the truck to brake in time in an emergency or even at normal speed. The heavier the load, the longer it takes a truck to come to a complete stop. Slamming on the brakes while hauling too heavy of a load or unsecured truck load may also cause jackknife accidents.

The dangers of an unsecured truck load is not limited to semi tractor trailers. Even smaller, unsecured loads on company flatbed trucks can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles or spill cargo onto the road, creating chaos as cars swerve to avoid the loose objects.

Is Driving with an Unsecured Truck Load Illegal?

For any motorist in Tennessee or nationwide, driving with an unsecured load is illegal. Truck drivers are required to check their loads before trips and during stops on the way to their destinations. Failing to do so violates trucking laws and constitutes negligence.

Additionally, if the trucking company loaded more cargo into a truck than is considered legally safe, or if the shipper failed to warn about potentially hazardous materials in the shipment and these goods are spilled and cause personal injuries, these parties may be liable for harm in the event of a trucking accident in Nashville. Even if the truck never hit you, the trucking company or driver could still be responsible if the truck introduced hazards to the roads that led to a car accident.

Personal Injury Attorney for Unsecured Truck Load Accidents in Nashville

Cases involving unsecured truck loads can be complex due to the number of legal areas and potentially responsible parties involved. The Law Office of Stanley A. Davis was founded in 1997 to give victims of truck crashes the respect and assistance they need while recovering from devastating personal injuries. Our Nashville truck accident lawyer cares about his clients and fights for their right to gain compensation for semi accidents caused by negligence.

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