Injured by Tire Failure or Defects?

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A good set of tires can make all the difference in an emergency when you need to stop quickly. However, defective tires may not only prevent you from avoiding an accident, but they could actually cause a dangerous crash. Tire failure can cause serious car accident injuries, like spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. However, if a negligent designer, manufacturer or retailer is responsible for the tire defects, you may be able to get money damages to assist you in your recovery.

Nashville tire blowout accident attorney Stanley Davis has been helping victims of tire failure in Tennessee for nearly 20 years. He can investigate your accident and determine the cause while you concentrate on your physical health. If a negligent tire manufacturer or retailer is responsible, Stan will be a strong advocate to hold the company accountable to you.

What are the Dangers of Defective Tires?

A tire defect, no matter how minor, can cause the whole tire to fail. If this happens while you are driving, you may lose control of your car and cause a serious car accident. Poor design, negligent manufacturing and lack of proper maintenance can all cause dangerous tire defects. The most common results of defective tires include:

  • Tire blowouts – Substandard materials and manufacturing defects can cause a tire to suddenly explode or pop while you are driving. Blowouts can result from underinflated or overused tires.
  • Tire separation – Tread separation often occurs when the layers of rubber that make up a tire are not bonded correctly. When this happens, a layer of rubber can peel off from the rest of the tire, making it difficult to keep control of the car.
  • Poor traction – A safe tire must be able to bring a car to a stop within a reasonable distance once you apply the brakes. A defective tire may slip or skid instead of stopping.

It is not always easy to tell right away what caused a car crash, especially when tire defects are to blame. Therefore, preserving valuable evidence immediately after a crash is incredibly important. If possible, you should document the crash and keep any parts that you believe may be defective. An expert can then examine this evidence in order to determine if a tire defect caused the accident and who is to blame for the problem.

Who is Liable for Car Tire Defects and Failures?

Defects can happen at any stage of the design, production or installation of a tire. A faulty design can easily lead to tire separation or failure. Even if the design is sound, poor manufacturing, including the use of old or substandard material, can cause a blowout. Many recalled tires have design or manufacturing defects that make them dangerous to use. However, you may still be able to get compensation if you were injured by a recalled product.

Sometimes, the retailer or store that sells the tires can be to blame for accidents caused by tire defects. For example, a retailer might accidentally damage a tire or store it improperly, causing deterioration. If that tire is then installed on a car and an accident results, the retailer can be held accountable for the damages. The same is true of car repair businesses. If a mechanic does not notice that a tire is worn or defective, then he or she may be liable for your car accident injuries.

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Car defect lawsuits can be complicated. However, a Nashville tire blowout accident attorney like Stan Davis can help you throughout the entire process. He has experience investigating accidents caused by defective tires and will fight for your right to compensation. If tire failure caused your car accident injuries, call or contact us online to schedule a free consultation today.

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