Nashville Car Accident Lawyer on Who is at Fault

What Caused the Crash?

Photo of Car crash with 2 vehiclesEven what might seem like a minor car accident can lead to serious head injuries or back injuries. An attorney can help you find out if you have options following any accident. Whether you had a minor fender bender or a serious rollover, getting legal advice is key. Nashville car accident lawyer Stanley A. Davis is well versed in the types of accidents, injuries and best legal action to take for common accidents caused by driving errors. There are many kinds of driving errors. However, the most common causes of negligence on the road include distracted drivers and drunk drivers.

Stan will not only treat you with compassion, but he will work to secure all the injury compensation you deserve. His extensive experience upholding the law after wrecks has allowed him to become familiar with the many types of traffic collisions, such as being rear ended, fender benders, car wrecks caused by a distracted driver or unsafe auto parts.

Is Texting While Driving Illegal in Nashville?

Tennessee law makes it illegal for drivers to send text messages while behind the wheel. Texting while driving is arguably one of the worst driving errors and most common driving distractions. While laws to prevent cell phone use while driving do exist, some drivers do not always follow these laws.

Car accident statistics from the Centers for Disease Control showed that more than 15 people die and more than 1,200 people suffer injuries every day in car accidents that involve a distracted driver. Teenagers are the age group responsible for texting while driving the most. Teenagers can be dangerous drivers because, along with a higher likelihood of texting while driving, they are also less experienced as drivers.

Can I Sue the Uninsured Driver Who Hit Me?

Even though the law requires every driver to purchase a minimum of insurance protection, many drivers fail to do so. When these drivers cause an accident, you need to know the options available to recover the damages of the wreck.

Typically, any damages caused in a vehicle accident are covered by the insurance of the at fault driver. In cases where the other driver does not have car insurance, filing a lawsuit against them may not make sense. This is because any judgment you gain for damages must come from their own pocket. This money can be hard if not impossible to receive. Filing a claim with your underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage (UIM) insurance policy can be the most effective way to obtain compensation for the damages.

However, it is not always easy to deal with an insurance company—even your own—to receive the funds you need to make a full financial recovery from an auto accident. Ask an attorney after you are hit by an uninsured driver what you need to know about handling this type of insurance claim and how having a lawyer on your side could make all the difference.

Call a Nashville Car Accident Lawyer Near You

While a motor vehicle accident can have a number of different causes, you have options. One solution is contacting an auto accident lawyer where you can get all your legal questions answered. If a car accident caused your injuries, the Law Office of Stanley A. Davis offers free attorney advice if you schedule a case consultation with Stan. Take the first steps toward restoring the health of your mind, body and spirit. Call (615) 845-6141 or submit a confidential case review.

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