SUV Rollovers

Nashville Traffic Accident Attorney Warns About This Common Type of Automobile Crash

Those who drive sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) want to feel safe on the road, and often choose this vehicle for its size and power. However, these vehicles can injure and cause the wrongful deaths of many each year due to rollover accidents. SUVs are more at risk for rollovers than other non-commercial vehicles. Some serious rollover accidents may cause traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, which can permanently change the life of the surviving victim as well as their family. Nashville accident attorney Stanley A. Davis knows that structural failures and faulty designs often lead to SUV rollovers. He offers compassionate legal representation to those injured in SUV rollover accidents.

What Causes an SUV Rollover?

The high center of gravity and the distance between the left and right wheels (track width) in SUVs can cause rollovers. SUVs are tall passenger vehicles, and their frames have a high ground clearance. These features grant drivers significant storage space in addition to the ability to drive off-road. However, they also compromise the stability of the vehicle when making sharp turns. The top-heavy design of an SUV can easily topple over or skid, especially in adverse weather conditions. When SUVs roll over, their roofs take damage and collapse inward. This then causes significant injuries to all individuals traveling within the vehicles.

Rollover accidents are a serious threat for SUVs, and the injuries can be devastating. According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rollover crashes are more likely to result in fatalities than other types of car crashes. Rollover accidents make up about one-fifth of all fatal car accidents.

What are Structural Flaws in SUVs?

The NHTSA uses a rollover rating system to allow consumers to understand rollover risks in different vehicles. Many recent SUVs include an electronic stability control feature to minimize the risk of rollovers on flat surfaces. However, 95 percent of rollovers occur when SUVs tip over on uneven surfaces. Large design changes may be able to improve these vehicles, such as a lower frame or wider track width.

Roof integrity is another issue that affects victims in rollovers. The roofs on SUVs must be able to withstand the impact of a rollover accident. However, roof-crush standards are low, and many believe that these standards should require SUV roofs to withstand more force. As a result, many SUVs on the market today may not properly protect passengers if a rollover accident were to occur.

Help is Available If You Suffered Injuries in an SUV Rollover Accident

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