Hurt by a Defective Product?

Product Liability Attorney in Tennessee for Liability Claims

We rely on many different products to assist us with everyday activities. We also have expectations that these products will function as advertised. However, it is not uncommon for manufacturers to sell defective and dangerous products that can cause serious injuries or even the loss of a family member. Nashville product liability attorney Stanley A. Davis witnesses how consumers are the ones who get hurt when companies provide bad products.

Leviticus 19:11 states that, “You shall not steal; you shall not deal falsely; you shall not lie to one another.” Stan Davis knows what it takes to represent those injured. He believes a product should never be sold without extensive safety testing or proper warning labels. He gives many injury victims the opportunity to seek compensation for their damages from those who wronged them.

What Makes a Product Defective?

Several parties could potentially be at fault for allowing a defective product to appear on store shelves. One or more of these parties could be responsible for flaws in the design or manufacturing of the product. The distributing parties can also be at fault if they knew about potential product flaws but distributed the dangerous products anyways.

To have an effective product liability claim against a manufacturer, retailer or suppliers for a faulty product, you must understand the product itself. Ask yourself:

  • Who designed the product?
  • What was it designed to do?
  • Who tested it?
  • Who was hurt?
  • How was a person hurt using it?
  • Was there a recall on it?

In a successful case, your defective product attorney must find at least one of the following to be true:

  • Design Defects: This can include anything involving the typical use of the product. For example, if an injury resulted after you used the product as instructed, or if the the designers should have foreseen the way you used it, you may have a claim. This means that even if the manufacturer produced it correctly, the product would still be defective or dangerous because the design is faulty.
  • Manufacturing Defects: This includes any problems that occur based on how the manufacturer produced the product. In this case, the design may be effective. However, the manufacturer may have used inferior parts or committed an error while assembling the product.
  • Marketing Defects: These claims may involve warning labels on packaging or a lack of explanation on how to use the product as intended. If the product is dangerous in some way that may not be apparent to users, or the user needs special instructions to operate the product correctly, the manufacturer must include the appropriate material to inform the user.

When is the Manufacturer Responsible for Product Safety?

Manufacturer liability means that those who produce and sell goods are responsible for the safety of their products. All companies that produce goods must create products that work correctly and also have proper warnings about dangers associated with use. When manufacturers make defective products, they not only cause consumers to lose money on defective goods, but they can also cause serious or fatal injuries.

Manufacturing defects may include anything from car airbags that fail to deploy to medications contaminated with harmful substances. If the product does not function as expected and the manufacturer does not warn consumers about a specific danger, then the product may be defective.

I Need a Nashville Product Liability Attorney Who Handles Product Defect Claims

When preparing for a trial, Stanley knows that he must put himself in the shoes of those he represents in order to relate to their struggles to the court. He brings compassion and sensitivity to a hurtful situation where people need restitution. He is not afraid to take up the fight against big companies to uphold the rights of individuals. If you have questions about defective products, then we would be happy to answer them for you.

For free attorney advice about a manufacturer liability case, call our office today at (615) 845-6141 for a free consultation. During this consultation, a Nashville attorney can offer sound advice based on years of handling cases just like yours throughout Tennessee.

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