Tennessee Swimming Pool Laws

Nashville Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer Explains Premises Liability and Pool Injury Claims

Swimming pools are a summer favorite, but they can be a safety hazard without proper supervision, security and maintenance. Residences and businesses have a responsibility to provide a safe swimming environment to guests. When a safe environment is not maintained, it is likely serious pool injuries can occur.

If you, your child or relative sustained injuries in a pool accident, then call swimming pool accident lawyer Stan Davis in Nashville TN. He has experience pursuing claims against negligent hotels, businesses and swimming pool owners whose negligent actions results in an accident, injury or drowning.

What Can Cause a Swimming Pool Accident?

The most common causes of pool accidents include:

  • Inadequate supervision or lack of security
  • Lack of warning signs regarding depth and diving
  • Pool heater explosion or electrocution
  • Poorly maintained or defective drains and filters
  • Faulty or damaged diving boards
  • Overserving alcohol to guests

Who is at Fault for a Pool Accident?

Businesses may have swimming pools, including hotels, resorts, gyms, water parks and apartment pools. If so, they have an obligation under premises liability law to provide a safe environment to guests. Pool owners or operators who neglect this obligation are liable for their guests’ pool injuries sustained due to negligence.

Residential homeowners with pools can also be liable for injuries if the owners fail to keep their properties in good condition, fail to warn guests about hazards or fail to comply with local ordinances regarding swimming pool safety. Swimming pool owners must obey all laws as well as carry homeowner’s insurance that covers these types of accidents.

Additionally, product liability laws hold builders and manufacturers who create the parts liable under Tennessee . For example, if a defective diving board resulted in pool injuries, then you could have a claim against the manufacturer. If the pool drain was not installed properly and that caused an injury, the builder may be liable.

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