Lost a Loved One?

Families Have Rights! Let Our Nashville Wrongful Death Attorney Help You

The book of John tells us that we all shall die, and “in Christ shall all be made alive”. Nashville wrongful death attorney Stanley A. Davis knows that any death causes emotional, and often financial, difficulties for loved ones. Sadly, when that death is because of someone else’s negligence, the pain can be all the more overwhelming. Loved ones left behind are angry and devastated, and this emotional upheaval can disrupt their lives. At the Law Office of Stanley A. Davis, we fight for the victims and the families; we do so because it is the right thing to do.

Common Causes of Wrongful Death

While any injury can result in a wrongful death, some of the most common causes of fatal accidents are:

How to Establish a Wrongful Death Case

Tennessee requires that two primary elements are present in any successful wrongful death lawsuit:

  • A human being’s death was brought about because of the willful or negligent disregard of someone else
  • A loss of love, care, guidance, supervision, comfort, household assistance and general social structure established beforehand to a great degree by the one now departed

What Damages Can Families Receive in Wrongful Death Claims?

The recovery of both economic and non-economic damages is a right available to the family members of wrongful death victims. Economic damage include the lost income from the deceased family member, medical expenses and funeral costs. Non-economic damages can include things like the emotional loss experienced by loved ones.

TN Wrongful Death Attorney Supporting Families During Difficult Times

For a free consultation, contact our law firm at (615) 845-6141 to speak with a lawyer in Nashville who handles wrongful death lawsuits. Attorney Stanley Davis personally handles each case. He brings his compassion and experience to every claim. Please contact our wrongful death attorney now to set up your consultation for free attorney advice. The wrongful death statute in Tennessee is strict, so call our attorney as soon as possible.

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