Nashville Rated Among Top 25 Worst Traffic in Country

Every city likes to complain about how bad traffic is, but Nashville has the numbers to back it up. A recent study by INRIX, a transportation analytics firm, has declared Nashville to have the 23rd worst traffic in the country. The study said that the average Nashvillian spends 33.6 hours per year stuck in traffic. This is in stark contrast to the same study performed in 2015 which found Nashville to have the 45th worst traffic.

The data in this study is backed up by another study performed by GPS manufacturer TomTom. That study found Nashville’s traffic to be the 19th worst in the country.

What caused the change? Authors of the study pointed to a stable U.S. economy, continued urbanization of big cities, employment growth and low gas prices as factors in the increased traffic and congestion we saw last year.

Nashville: Home to Some of the Country’s Worst Traffic Bottlenecks

Music City is home to three of the country’s worst traffic bottlenecks, according to the American Transportation Research Institute. These are located at:

  • Interstate 65 at Interstate 24 (ranked 29th)
  • Interstate 24 at Interstate 440 (ranked 20th)
  • Interstate 40 at Interstate 65 (ranked 48th)

These studies come at a time when city infrastructure is the center of the state’s biggest debate. The state recently revealed the highly-anticipated transportation funding plan, the IMPROVE Act, which contains a series of tax cuts and increases meant to fund infrastructure projects to help alleviate the problem of traffic in our rapidly growing city and decrease the rate of car accidents.

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