Prescription Error: Tennessee Woman Sues After Receiving Incorrect Medicine

When you go to a pharmacy to pick up medication, you trust that the pharmacists are giving you what the doctor ordered. But when something goes wrong and you receive the wrong medication, you are put at risk of unintended effects that could cause harm. One Tennessee woman is suing for this very reason.

When Medications Get Mixed Up

The woman went to the pharmacy in Gallatin to pick up a medication called Ropinirole. Ropinirole is used as a sleep aid and can help treat restless leg syndrome. But instead of receiving Ropinirole, she was given Risperdone, a powerful antipsychotic meant to treat schizophrenic patients. She took three of the pills and immediately entered a nightmare. She hallucinated, felt that her limbs had detached from her body, suffered nightmares and woke up talking nonsense to her family members.

It turned out that she had been given the right bottle with the right dosage and the right patient name, but the pills inside somehow had been switched.

The woman was hospitalized and eventually, the Risperdone cleared her system. Now, she approaches pharmacies much more warily, having her pharmacists verify at purchase that she is being given the correct drugs.

Medication errors can cause serious medical problems. This is especially true when a patient is given medication that he or she does not need. When pharmacists commit negligence, their victims can seek recovery of damages from the pharmacy for any economic costs. These include medical bills, as well as noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering.

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