$250,000.00 Car Accident

A young woman in her 30s was injured when she was rear ended by a Defendant driver. Liability was clear in this case. Plaintiff had conservative treatment for a short period of time and was unable to continue care because of the lack of funds and insurance coverage.

Several years after the crash, the Plaintiff was able to obtain surgery for her back injury and was able to relate this treatment to the crash. The Defendant established medical proof that the crash was not the cause of Plaintiff’s need for surgery. This case settled for $250,000.00, which was the policy limits available in this case.

Extensive depositions of both medical experts and lay witnesses were taken prior to this result being obtained. The car accident settlement of $250,000.00 for policy limits represented past medical expenses, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, although all of these issues were disputed by the Defendant. Plaintiff did not have a loss of income as she was a homemaker.

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