$1,478,159.90 Failure to Yield Accident Verdict

The victim was injured when the defendant failed to yield the right of way, causing him to suffer a ruptured disc in his lower back. This middle aged man had incurred past medical bills of approximately $30,000.000, but he also had significant loss earning and permanent impairment that the court valued at $750,000.00. Future medical expenses, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life made up the remainder of the damages.

Defendant attempted to argue that all of the victim’s conditions were preexisting from the strenuous manual labor he had done in the past. After a trial on the merits, the victim was granted damages in the amount of $1,478,159.90. The court found that the victim was 20 percent at fault and therefore the total award was reduced to $1,182,527.92. Before the trial, the victim’s insurance carriers offered $100,000.00. Nashville auto accident attorney Stanley A. Davis prosecuted the claim and obtained this verdict for the victim.

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