$339,163.00 Nashville Rear End Collision

A 33-year-old man was traveling on Charlotte Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 14, 2010. While stopped in traffic, he was rear ended by the defendant. It was a moderate impact, and his vehicle sustained a significant amount of bumper damage. Fault was admitted by Allstate Insurance Company that was defending.

Plaintiff was treated solely with a chiropractic physician in Nashville, Tennessee, for his injuries. Plaintiff was married and his wife had a loss of consortium claim as a result of this crash. This car accident case was tried in Nashville commencing on January 16, 2013. At the conclusion, the jury returned a total verdict for the plaintiff of $339,163.00 of which $21,882.00 was for his chiropractic medical care. Additional awards were $80,000.00 for future care; $37,280.00 loss of earning capacity; future lost earnings of $30,000.00; $80,000.00 for permanent injury; $10,000.00 for past pain and suffering; $30,000.00 for future pain and suffering; $2,500.00 for past loss of enjoyment of life; and $30,000.00 for future loss of enjoyment of life. The jury also awarded the wife $17,500.00 for her consortium loss.

Total verdict equaled $339,163.00. Allstate Insurance Company had originally offered $13,000.00 to settle this case, but our car accident attorney worked hard to get his clients the injury compensation they deserved.

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