$300,000.00 Recovered for Dog Attack Damages

This 25 year old young woman was a guest at the home of Defendants who owned a Lab/Corgi mix dog.  Unknown to Plaintiff, the Defendants had previously admitted that the dog did not like people and they had to muzzle him when he goes out.  This vicious and dangerous dog was allowed to sit on a chair next to Plaintiff unmuzzled and suddenly the dog attacked Plaintiff by biting her on her lip and/or face, then as she stood up the aggressive dog was hanging off her face and another guest at Defendant’s home punched the dog to get this animal to detach from Plaintiff’s face.  Plaintiff incurred medical bills of $112,582.84; suffered cosmetic damage, lost feeling in her face and loss of function to speak as she did before the dog bite incident.  She was able to recover $300,000.00 for her damages.

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