$930,583.98 Workers Compensation Third Party Lawsuit

A worker sustained serious injuries in a catastrophic accident that occurred on a construction site. The injured worker had to pursue workers compensation benefits and a tort claim against another contractor working at the construction site. The defendant alleged that the injured worker was responsible for his injuries and/or that his employer was responsible for his injuries. The workers’ compensation carrier and the tortfeasor reached a settlement between the insurance companies worth $930,582.98. The victim also received open medical benefits for life. These construction accident injuries in Nashville resulted in damages that prevented the worker from returning to work as a construction worker. He suffered pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, permanent impairment and lost wages.

Personal injury lawyer Stanley A. Davis settled this case between the two carriers for total insurance payments of $930,583.90. This case involved extensive expert testimony and extensive depositions of many witnesses. The preservation of key evidence early in this case by our work injury attorney allowed for this injured worker to recover the compensation he deserved.