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Darkness Falls: Did the Solar Eclipse Cause This Worker to Lose His Arm?

A railroad worker in Nashville suffered a gruesome work injury during the August 21 total solar eclipse. A 911 call came from Radnor Yard during the solar eclipse, as much of the city basked in the awe-inspiring event. According to reports, the CSX employee was working on a train when he was struck by a different train. Other employees tried desperately to call for help for the worker, who lost his arm. However, when workers tried to contact managers and yardmasters about the accident, they received no response. According to a memo, the reason no one responded is because everyone had taken a break to see the eclipse. The memo, produced by the union that represents rail workers, was titled, “Unsafe Conditions Due to Operations Leads to Severe Injury.” In it, the union representative described the culture at CSK as, “rush, rush, rush.” It blames the company’s emphasis on production…
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