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Officials Urge Awareness, Respect of Non-Motorists on Nashville Roads

A shocking video captured by a bicyclist in mid-July shows a car striking another bicyclist on Natchez Trace Parkway. The hit-and-run accident left the victim with serious injuries. According to police, the driver of the car either ignored, dismissed or even targeted the bicyclist. The potential criminal aspects of the case are being sorted out, but this incident highlights an antipathy toward non-motorists on roads. How many times have you been frustrated when a pedestrian crosses in front of you, despite not having a walk signal? Have you ever felt that a bicyclist was taking up your lane and going too slowly? These feelings are more common than you think and have led to many senseless deaths in the last few years. Accident Statistics from the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Between 2007 and June 2017, there have been 1,238 pedestrian accidents and 373 bicycle accidents on statewide…
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How to Avoid a Bicycle Accident in Nashville

Transportation safety in Nashville is changing. However, it doesn’t seem like the changes are incorporating bicyclists. Last year was the worst year for bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents in the last two decades. Unlike car drivers, bicyclists aren’t protected by two tons of metal. This means when bicycle accidents occur, bicyclists are at a higher risk for catastrophic, life changing injuries. Worse, there are many cases in Tennessee where car drivers don’t bother stopping after hitting a cyclist. Most often, bicycle accidents occur under the following circumstances: Accidents at a stop sign – Typically, this type of collision occurs when car drivers ignore the cyclist’s turn and enter the intersection at the same time Left cross accidents – This type of bicycle accident occurs when a car driver fails to see a cyclist who is attempting to take a left turn Right cross accidents – This collision most often occurs…
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Nashville Cyclist Can’t Remember His Hit-and-Run Accident

Last month, a light-colored pickup truck struck a bicyclist at 45 miles per hour and dragged the cyclist 60 yards. Then, the truck drove away, leaving the cyclist for dead in what became a horrible hit-and-run bicycle accident. The 53-year-old cyclist sustained broken bones, deep lacerations to his face and required surgery. Though he was wearing protective gear, including a helmet, reflective vest and jacket, all of these items were stripped off him as he was dragged along the pavement. He woke up in the hospital four days later and the culprit had not been caught. Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accidents are Fairly Common Unfortunately, hit-and-run bicycle accidents are more common that most would anticipate and cyclists are at a much higher risk of suffering from serious injuries. Typically, negligent drivers are distracted and many do not stop to even check to make sure the cyclist is okay. However, if you are…
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