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The Many Faces of Medical Malpractice, Part 2: Obstetric/Gynecological Negligence

This week’s blog in our medical malpractice series will center on negligence affecting pregnancy or childbirth, or obstetric/gynecological negligence. Medical negligence affecting a mother or a baby during pregnancy or birth is an unfortunately common issue. This is despite advances in medical technology over the course of the last century. Simply put, having a baby is complicated and it is easy for something to go wrong when doctors are negligent. The following list, by no means exhaustive, shows some of the most common ways childbirth can lead to birth injuries: Excessive or unexplained vaginal bleeding Abnormalities in the placenta, such as placental abruption Long-lasting labor that injures the mother or child Preeclampsia, which can lead to organ damage (often kidney damage) Hemorrhaging during birth Surgical errors during Caesarian sections (C-sections) Negligence in the administration of epidurals or anesthesia Premature birth Shoulder dystocia in the child Common Birth Injuries That May…
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