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Exposing the Silence Project Speaks Out On Doctors Who Abuse and Bully Pregnant Women

Childbirth is often referred to as a miracle. It’s supposed to be the happiest moment in a parent’s life. For some, however, childbirth is an absolute nightmare. A recent social media campaign that is fighting to bring women’s experience to light is working to expose the abuse and unnecessary procedures doctors are imposing on pregnant women. If you scroll down the #BreakTheSilence hashtag on Facebook or Twitter, you will see an endless stream of photos of women, and even a few traumatized men, holding up hand-written signs that describe their child birthing experience. All of these photos contain shocking and disturbing stories from women across the nation about their abusive doctors. Obstetric Violence is More Common Than You Think Obstetric violence is a relatively new concept in the U.S. that is only now revealing a very outdated treatment of women in the medical community. It is essentially described as the…
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