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Can Increasing Fines for Seat Belt Violations Save Lives?

This past year, Homeland Security and the state Department of Safety reported more than 300 people who were not wearing their seat belts died in Tennessee. As a result, Tennessee law makers moved to crack down on those not buckling up. As of January 1st, drivers who are not wearing their seat belts are expected to pay more than double the fines. First-time offenders are expected to fork over $25, rather than $10, and repeat offenders are expected to pay $50, rather than $20. Some citizens, however, remain skeptical about this change. States That Increase Fines See Less Deaths in Vehicle Accidents Given that the state issued more than 107,000 citations to drivers and passengers for not buckling up, some residents speculate the state issued this price jump to gain more revenue. However, a Tennessee Highway Patrol Col. said law enforcement officials studied other states­ (such as North Carolina, Connecticut,…
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