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Why Do Cars Crash Into Buildings?

Two recent Nashville area accidents involving vehicles crashing into buildings have alarmed the public, but it is important to understand why these incidents occur. Building-vehicle accidents are not uncommon—according to a report in the Miami Herald, these types of crashes result in 10 serious injuries each day across the United States. Vehicle-building crashes can be caused by: Medical emergencies involving drivers Reckless driving Speeding Drunk driving Distracted driving Confusion regarding the area and directions The disregard of traffic signals Auto part failure As a driver, you should avoid habits that could lead to a building-vehicle collision. Due to objects falling and building materials breaking, these collisions are often violent. If you cause an accident resulting in injuries or the death of a pedestrian, you can be held liable. Two Nashville Property-Vehicle Crashes Generate Headlines As we noted above, two Nashville-area accidents caught our eye recently, leading us to blog about…
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