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Concert Injury: Man Sues Cage the Elephant after Guitar Hits Him

When you go to a concert, you expect to have a great time listening to live music. While things may get raucous (especially with the heavier bands), generally you don’t expect to get hurt. You certainly don’t expect to be hit in the face with a guitar, but for one Chicago man, that’s what happened. On May 29, 2016, Weston Tolbert attended a Cage the Elephant concert at Nashville’s Ascend Amphitheater. A lawsuit filed against the band alleges that guitarist Brad Schultz threw his instrument into the audience, striking Tolbert in the face. The guitar caused significant injury and Tolbert is seeking $350,000 in damages. The suit also alleges that Schultz was drinking on stage and was intoxicated as a result. Negligence is alleged as Schultz has a history of throwing his guitar into the audience, but the audience was not warned of this fact. Concert Injuries and Victim’s Options…
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