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Bounce House Carries Away 5 Children – Who Is to Blame?

The bounce house is a mainstay of children’s birthday parties and public events for families. With bounce houses, as with any other similar device, injuries are possible, such as bumps, bruises, concussions and broken bones, but usually these injuries occur due to things like collisions with other kids. No child nor parent expects a bounce house to fly away in the wind, but that’s exactly what happened in early April in Taylors, South Carolina. Springwell Church in Taylors was hosting a festival on a calm day when the winds suddenly picked up and lifted a bounce house into the air. As adults chased after and grabbed onto the bounce house, which had five kids inside, the bounce house struck and knocked down power lines. Fortunately, the power lines did not cause a fire. However, two of the children did suffer serious injuries. The other three suffered minor injuries. Could Anyone…
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How Did Two Delta Fair Carnival Ride Workers Sustain Injuries?

Last week, we wrote about the four carnival ride accidents that have occurred in Tennessee this past summer. Now, we can add another ride accident to the list. Two Delta Fair carnival ride workers were injured last month trying to set up a ride when the equipment came into contact with some power lines overhead and shocked the workers. According to the Delta Fair organizer, one employee needed surgery on his foot after the accident. While the safety of the passengers on carnival rides has been questioned, little attention has been given to the safety of the workers who assemble and operator the rides. Carnival Rides Need More Regulation to Keep Passengers and Workers Safe Most workers at carnivals or amusements parks are outsourced. Most carnival ride workers are in charge of setting up the rides and maintaining the grounds. Other types of carnival jobs include: Ticket sales Concession stand…
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Yet Another Tennessee Carnival Ride Accident Injured Eight People

Since the start of summer, we have blogged about an 11-year-old who was scalped by a carnival ride, a woman who was violently ejected from a mountain roller coaster and three girls who fell out of a Ferris wheel, all of which happened in Tennessee. Just earlier this month, eight other people were injured in a Memphis carnival ride accident, most of whom were children. The eight people were on the Moonraker, a carnival ride that spins on its axis while tilting up and down, when the ride’s systems detected a problem and began to shut down. However, as the ride stopped spinning and descended, the operator pressed the manual override button in a panic. This released the safety restraints and riders fell into the metal bars or fell to the ground. Among the injuries reported was a fractured leg, a fractured wrist and a broken collarbone. This most recent…
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